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We work with publishing and media companies, select non-profit organizations, and other nice people.
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here's what we do

Big vouchers, little vouchers, 6 x 9's (and their ilk), magalogs, etc. If you have a format in mind, we can work with that - otherwise, we'll present a bunch of different ways to go.

One effort? A lot of efforts? Want a wrap with that? We think about a campaign as a whole story and we make sure that whatever we creates fits neatly into that story.

It's all about being responsive... so that what we make not only looks good on all devices and platforms but has an intuitive user experience as well ('cause that will lead to the other kind of responsiveness!).

Tons and tons. With embedded forms, without embedded forms, and sliding in from all directions. Our stuff works.

Yep, we're still very much in touch with our print roots. We do lots of inserts and successful ads that will feel right at home in the pages of your magazine.

Yep. we do these things too... because we aim to be problem solvers vs. mere order takers. Send us your toughest messaging challenges - we'll get it done.

people say the nicest things
  • “Working for a young brand, it’s imperative that our creative capture the attention of our target consumers and engages them in a meaningful way. The team at Quint & Quint truly delivers on this promise. Their work has delivered results from both an ROI and brand awareness perspective. We’re so lucky to have them!”

    Rita Cidre, Time, Inc. (All You)

  • “It’s always a true pleasure to work with you and your team. Your understanding of our brand and what we stand for has allowed for witty and original copy that resulted in winning packages.”

    Lydia Kaldas, The Economist

  • “As usual, I am impressed by the clean, crisp designs that you produce and I love the final outcome. I think your turnaround time is quick and it’s obvious that attention is paid to all the fine details. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”

    Tova Abrahmov, New York Magazine

  • “As always, it was great to work with you. Your agency’s responsiveness and overall grasp of the project was a delight. It’s nice to work with folks who ‘get it right’ right out of the gate, with no false starts.”

    Sandra Hunt, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

  • “I always enjoy working with your group - from concept to completion, everything is always professionally executed. I particularly appreciated how, in the case of our launch package, you really nailed the essence of our mission.”

    Laura Simkins, AFAR Media

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  • During his lecture, “Are we in control of our own decisions,” behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents three choices to his listeners: “A weekend in Rome. A weekend in Paris. Or having your car stolen.” The crowd breaks into immediate laughter. Dan pauses for a moment to smile along with them, then continues to say, “It’s […]

  • Gmail is changing the game (again!). Remember when everyone threw a hissy fit when Gmail changed up its promotions tab back in July 2013? And the rejoicing that occurred after Gmail began auto rendering images in December and promotional open rates steadily rose again? Well- the tides are about to shift again. Gmail will soon […]

  • Stop. Go. Curb your dog. Too often we walk the busy city streets of NYC, so concerned about reaching point B from point A…and one may not fully realize (let alone appreciate) the important role of typography in getting us there. That’s why this video from kottke.org of the words “Bus Stop” being painted so gracefully on […]